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FLACSO Argentina’s summer school is an intensive training program that offers an opportunity to combine academic and cultural meetings, exchanges and networking for local and international students.


It consists of Seminars on Current topics on the Latin American and global agendas related to the social sciences and humanities from a comparative perspective; as well as seminars on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, aimed at professionals, researchers and teachers of foreign languages.


The four seminars have an excellent academic level, and are backed by extensive experience in student exchange programs, offering a genuine cultural immersion experience comprised of interesting co-curricular activities related to the contents of each seminar.


The seminars are aimed at graduate and advanced Bachelor degree (thesis in progress) students within the areas of humanities and social sciences, as well as professionals specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and Spanish-speakers wishing to learn or improve their Spanish.


Also, for all non-resident students in Buenos Aires, the Summer School at FLACSO Argentina provides housing services that offer various types of accommodation to facilitate the stay of students and ensure a comprehensive space for cultural exchange.