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Historias y Testimonios

Testimonio de Federal Institute of Goiás

Federal Institute of Goiás came from Brazil. They are Spanish teachers from the Federal Institute of Goiás (IFG) - official from Brazil. This year they decided to come to Buenos Aires to experience the Flacso Argentina summer school and continue their education by attending the Seminar on Updating in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Testimonio de Xochitl Mendoza

Xochitl Mendoza came from Mexico. She is Xochitl, Mexican, doctorate in #sociology by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. This year she decided to come to Buenos Aires to experience the Flacso Argentina Summer School and to deepen on some of her interest topics, by taking the courses in "Interculturality and Migration in a Comparative Key" and "Implications of Aging and Old Age in Latin America"

Testimonio de Gabriela Girolami

Participating in the FLACSO Summer School was a highly rewarding experience because I was able to take advantage of the free time in my vacations to perfect myself in my profession through refresher seminars in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Both the teachers and the material provided were of great help to re-think my practice in the classroom.

Gabriela Girolami Argentina
Testimonio de Davide Caocci

The Flacso Summer School: a true experience of high academic formation, of deep human interaction, of very high integral enrichment. You cannot miss a moment of the proposals because every word of teachers and colleagues compose the luggage of this beautiful cultural trip.

Davide Caocci Italia
Testimonio de Maritza Palma

Being in the summer school was a reconfiguration in relation to the cognitive, but especially in the cultural, since it is an opportunity for the discussion of the same theme from different perspectives both by the different nationalities as well as professional trajectories .

Maritza Palma México
Testimonio de Martina Ferretto

La Escuela de Verano me ofreció una reactualización de mis temas de interés de forma didáctica, sólida y muy completa, gracias al equipo docente de calidad que atrae a estudiantes de diversos sitios, permitiendo al mismo tiempo un intercambio mucho más rico

Martina Ferretto Argentina