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Summer School at FLACSO Argentina is conceived and designed for the classroom to be the city of Buenos Aires, allowing students to enjoy a holistic experience that transcends the academic and cultural exchange and allows enrichment.

Cultural activities accomplished in 2017

Actividad Nº4 Murga´s workshop
Actividad Nº5 Almuerzo de networking con Valentina Delich, Secretaria académica de FLACSO Argentina

Non Residents

Each course has a range of co-curricular cultural activities such as field observation, visits to sites of interest related to the course topics, the possibility of dialoguing with special guests, access to interviews with specialists, among others, providing the student with a genuine added value to the classroom material.


Besides the welcome cocktail, where participants will meet in a relaxed setting, a program of cultural specific city trips aims to meet different corners of Buenos Aires as well as encourage the exchange of ideas of students of each course especially when they belong inside or outside the country.


Throughout the course, students can participate in workshops on various topics and attend Academic Symposiums where renowned researchers and professionals will share their knowledge and perspective on each.


img-cultural Another benefit of high value are the Tutoring Research. These tutorials are meetings with leaders in each subject for students who are researchings and writing their thesis.


Finally, for all students from the interior and exterior of the country, the Summer School at FLACSO Argentina provides housing services that offer various types of accommodation to facilitate the stay of students and ensure a comprehensive space for cultural exchange.